Driver Safety

Tesla ELD is your trusted partner in accident prevention and exoneration.


Identify risk

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Our Safety Hub helps identify your riskiest drivers and their specific behaviors so you don’t have to play detective.


AI video detects unsafe driving in HD like tailgating, driver distraction, and more in real time so you know exactly what’s happening on the road and in your vehicles.

DRIVE risk score

Taking into account variables like road conditions, speeding, vehicle type, and more, our risk score measures individual and fleet-level driving performance.

Real-time visibility

Videos are uploaded to the Safety Hub via the cloud and combined with telematics, artificial intelligence, and DRIVE to create a 360-degree view into driver safety.

Prevent accidents

Don’t leave your fleet’s safety up to chance. Take a proactive approach to address driver behavior before it results in a costly accident.

Automated coaching

With your high-risk drivers and their behaviors identified, use video from the Smart Dashcam and automated coaching workflows to modify behavior before an accident happens.

Benchmark performance

Use your DRIVE score to track progress over time, and benchmark performance against the largest network of drivers in the nation.

Reward or remove

Acknowledge and reward your drivers who show a commitment to fleet safety for retention, or remove repeat offenders before it’s too late.


Use dashcam footage as eyewitness support to prove innocence and avoid a verdict that could end your business.

Bulletproof video evidence

It’s your video versus their word. Provide HD video evidence of your drivers’ innocence on the spot to avoid being blamed for another driver’s mistake.

Avoid nuclear verdicts

Demonstrate your fleet’s voluntary commitment to safe operations with dashcams and a proactive safety program in place.

Expedite claims

Automatic alerts notify you when an accident occurs, and a collision report of the event is sent directly to your inbox. Speed up the claims process by downloading footage from a specific time and place.

Peace of mind

Never miss a critical moment on the road. If the vehicle is running, so is our technology. With video automatically sent to the cloud, you don’t ever have to worry.

Start preventing accidents with the AI-powered Smart Dashcam

Frequently asked questions

How does the AI-powered Smart Dashcam work?

The KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway and AI-technology from the Smart Dashcam automatically detect and identify unsafe driver behavior (driver safety events), like hard brakes, tailgating or distraction. Our DRIVE risk score analyzes the video for complete context. Insights are sent in real-time to the Safety Hub, where admins can take action to coach behavior and prevent accidents.

What driver safety events trigger video recordings?

Telematic events like hard brakes, hard accelerations, and hard corners trigger video. AI-event detection, like tailgating and distraction, also triggers video.

Does the Smart Dashcam require additional data usage on a Smartphone?

No. The Smart Dashcam uses cellular connectivity in the Vehicle Gateway to upload all triggered video content.

Will KeepTruckin share my video data with anybody?

KeepTruckin uses video data collected from dashcams for a variety of purposes, including internal quality assurance, to improve our products, and to develop new features and services. We’ll only share your video data with your approval, or with third parties on an anonymous, de-identified basis that prioritizes your privacy.

Does the Smart Dashcam record the driver?

We currently offer both a road-facing and dual-facing dashcams. The road-facing dashcam only has one camera that records what’s on the road, and the dual-facing dashcam has both a road-facing and driver-facing camera that records in the cab. Customers can purchase either camera.

Can the Smart Dashcam be disconnected?

If a dashcam is disconnected, the fleet admin will automatically be notified.

How long does the Smart Dashcam store video?

You can retrieve video footage of driver safety events from the past 35 hours.


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