Live GPS Tracking

Best-in-class tracking for your vehicles, trailers, and

equipment—all in one place.




Stay on top of operations from anywhere

You don’t have to worry when you know where your drivers, vehicles, equipment, and trailers are.

See your fleet

With Fleet View, see location, safety events, HOS, and more on a single screen.

Access your fleet

Fleet App puts your fleet at your fingertips. Manage your business at any time, from anywhere on a mobile device or tablet.

Track your fleet

Keep tabs on your fleet by watching your vehicles, equipment, and trailers in real-time.

Share your fleet’s status

Notify customers of any delays and stay in the know for when your fleet arrives or departs with instant email alerts.



Maximize fleet productivity

Eliminate inefficiencies in your fleet’s daily operations to work smarter, not harder.

Get instant alerts

Set custom geofences so you know when your fleet enters a yard or client facility to stay on top of resource allocation and billing.

Automate reports

Know if your vehicles, equipment, and trailers are utilized to their full potential with automated reporting.

Prevent theft and misuse

Keep an eye on all vehicles, equipment, and trailers so they’re not lost or misused.

Dispatch faster

Find the closest drivers to your pick up location and integrate with your TMS to make dispatching quick and easy.



Give customers
real-time visibility

When your customers know the status of their goods, they don’t have to ask you.

Share locations

Communicate live location, accurate ETAs, and real-time alerts for exceptional customer service.

Verify billing

Create more accurate invoicing with reports that calculate the spent time on the job site.

Map smarter

Get the full picture on traffic, weather and more — so you can reroute your drivers or prep for delays.

Monitor daily activity

Review the day’s trips to confirm timely delivery and eliminate discrepancies.

Frequently asked questions

What is the frequency of collecting GPS coordinates?

Providing the rate of change in the direction and speed of the vehicle is high, updates are normally obtained within 2 seconds. If a vehicle is in a place with poor Internet performance, updates may be obtained with the frequency of 30 seconds. In case a trailer is on the move, GPS tracking coordinates for the trailer and equipment are obtained every minute.

How is a vehicle’s, a driver’s and asset’s location history obtained?

A GPS chip inside the KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway device is used to record vehicle locations. It collects vehicle GPS coordinates every 2 seconds if the vehicle is moving.

If drivers are connected to a Vehicle Gateway, their location will be identical to that of the vehicle.

Provided drivers use the KeepTruckin Driver App, but not a Vehicle Gateway, their locations will be updated from their cell phones.

 A chip inside the KeepTruckin Asset Gateway device is used to record asset locations. In case a trailer is on the move, GPS tracking coordinates for the trailer and equipment are obtained every minute.

Can the Asset Gateway be used independently from the Tesla ELD Vehicle Gateway?

Yes. You don’t need to use the Tesla ELD Vehicle Gateway in order to use the Asset Gateway as they are two completely independent devices. Although our devices are all designed to operate side by side via the Tesla platform, our customers can use the Asset Gateway and dashboard independently from other devices.

How far back can I view location history?

The availability of location history data depends on the length of time the driver was using the Tesla App or the length of time the Tesla Vehicle Gateway was installed inside the vehicle. All data of drivers’ and vehicles’ location history are stored on Tesla servers. All these data are backed up several times by means of a number of data centers.


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